February - What to do now?

Colorado Springs, CO – Most people think there is not much you can do for your landscape in the dead of winter, but there is a lot you can do. February is a good time to do the following to promote a healthy landscape for spring and summer.

  • Check for winter sales at your local garden center; you may find good deals on pots, planters, and tools
  • Check outside plants and trees for animal damage
  • Rejuvenate holly bushes with a hard pruning
  • Check evergreens for signs of desiccation (drying out)
  • Start seeds of cool season vegetables and flowers
  • Cut back perennials to stimulate spring growth
  • Continue to prune dormant trees & shrubs, but it’s getting too late to continue pruning spring bloomers.
  • Continue leaf removal
  • Continue to replenish or replace mulch around trees, shrubs & in bed areas to a depth of 3” to 4”
  • Continue to water plant material if no significant snowfall and/or rainfall
  • Prune berry bushes to encourage new growth & fruit production
  • At the end of this month, apply crabgrass preventer with fertilizer to lawn

This is also a great time to start planning for spring installation. Call Embassy Site Management at (719) 574-7669 or contact us online for a landscape design to beat the spring rush!