Embassy and Davey Dedicated to Working Smarter

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Colorado Springs, CO – Embassy Site Management and Davey Tree Company have joined forces to introduce “The Working Smarter Training Challenge” from JP Horizons to the onsite teams in Colorado Springs. This program provides tools that help the employees create excitement, elevate performance and energize the workforce culture and will take 13 to 16 weeks to complete.

On Tuesday, July 26th, members from Embassy and Davey came together to learn about Lessons 1 through 4 of “The Working Smarter Training Challenge.” During this brainstorming session, the teams discussed several important topics:

  • The importance of training and how to overcome objections when employees feel it is a waste of time
  • Revealed that each person can do the same task differently
  • Discovered that people learn and understand things differently
  • Identified “Road Blocks” within the workplace like attendance, communication, improper maintenance of tools and equipment, etc.
  • Conducted a “Process Map” for invoicing, which gave a visual of opportunities and challenges


The team was challenged with writing down step by step how they make a peanut butter and jelly (PB&J) sandwich. After doing this simple exercise, everyone discovered that each person thinks differently about how to make the sandwich and how many steps it should take. One employee only had 3 steps to make a PB&J sandwich while another had 15 steps.

“By doing the PB&J Challenge,” according to Molly Koerperich, New Development Manager for Embassy, “I witnessed that each team member makes their PB&J sandwich differently, but everyone got to the same result – a PB&J sandwich.”

Mrs. Koerperich and others also gained a greater insight from this simple exercise. Not all employees will learn from the same instructions. Some employees will need little to no directions, but others will need step by step instructions to get to the end result successfully. In other words, everyone learns differently.

Next week, the teams from Davey and Embassy will begin to identify “The Seven Areas of Waste,” which will help the teams identify potential pitfalls in everyday tasks that will eventually help to improve overall operations in both organizations.

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